Diploma Plaque Laminators
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Tamarac, FL 33321

Mail Order Only

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EASY 1-2-3 ORDER FORM:  For EACH Diploma, Certificate, Magazine Article etc. that you send to us we MUST receive INCLUDED:

1. A Completed Order Form   2. Payment (Check, Money Order or PayPal Receipt Form) 3. Your Document (No Parchment or Crinkled Paper)

CAREFULLY roll items (printing inside) into a LARGE "ROUND" HARD Cardboard Mailing Tube  2"  to 3" in diameter - OR - Mail FLAT with SEVERAL pieces of VERY HARD cardboard (With NO Cardboard Creases) On EACH SIDE of the item  Use caution when packaging. Postal Insurance Is Recommended.  (DO NOT USE USPS TUBE "BOX") - NO clips or staples.  NOTE: This Order Form MUST be PRINTED  and MAILED to us.  Printed ONE SIDE ONLY - Use CTRL P to Print Forms in PC or Command P in MAC.

Title and Name (Please PRINT Plainly)
Shipping Address AND Business Name (No P.O. Box)                                                                   
Business Address? Yes or No                                                          
State:    Zip:  
FLORIDA Residents: County of Residence:     
Choice of Wood Color:
   Mahogany - Maple - Walnut - Black - Cherry - Natural - White
Choice of Beveled Edge Color:     GOLD - SILVER - BLACK   
Each plaque will have a beautiful wooden Cove Beveled edge.  Note: The thin stripe surrounding the diploma will be the SAME color chosen as the bevel.  
If you do NOT want a stripe around the document -- Circle:   NO STRIPE-  A bevel color MUST be chosen. If you do not select a bevel color, Gold will be chosen.   
Gold seals look best with gold bevel. Silver seals look best with silver bevel.

Telephone:                                       E-Mail Address :                                  Name and Address (Repeated):                                                                                                                                             
Our LOW Price: $89.95 Includes FREE Return FedEx Shipping--Continental US Only -- (NOTE: FL Residents: $95.35 - Per Document - Includes $5.40 FL Sales Tax) - Each plaque weighs about 6 lbs.  Note: Documents over 19" in any direction are double the single total plaque amount. Laminated documents become a permanent part of the plaque. AK and HI - $20.00 additional shipping per item. You may send multiple orders in the SAME tube or package AND Combine orders into one check.  Note Diploma Covers will Not be returned.  THIS order form MUST BE PRINTED AND SENT to us!  It does NOT transmit automatically. Normal shipping time 10-14 business days. Postal Insurance is Recommended. USPS Priority Mail INCLUDES $50 insurance and FREE tracking! NO Signature Receipt, please. Send One Order Form PER item. Printed One-Side ONLY. Original Documents always look best. You may send a copy if you are happy with the copy.  Use a WIDE round hard cardboard mailing tube or several pieces of (not creased) hard cardboard when sending flat. Be sure to include business name.  Hang your plaque in 15 seconds or less! Hammer a heavy nail in the wall at a 45 degree angle pointing up, hang plaque on the hanger slot in back, no wires, no wall hangers!  SO EASY!
If you send .pdf files  (ONLY .pdf files are accepted for Diplomas or Documents) -- Please email these files to:  PlaqueOrder@gmail.com  (Payments are NOT to be sent to this email address -- Please click PayPal below to submit a credit card payment)  The THREE SEPARATE .PDF Files to Email are:  #1. The document.  #2. The 2 page completed order form.  #3.  A copy of the PayPal charge receipt form below. Please Type: -- Diploma Plaque Order -- in the subject line.
IF PAYING BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER  -  Please Make Payable To:   Diploma Plaque Laminators   $89.95 per document  - Includes FREE FedEx Return Shipping  
NOTE:   For FL Residents ONLY -  Each Single Document is $95.35   Includes FL Sales Tax  -  FREE FedEx Return Shipping     ---     FL County of Residence:

Credit Card Orders:   Checkout with PayPal --- Below.   Sales Tax for FL Residents Only is automatically calculated. -  FREE FedEx Return Shipping  

PLACE ORDER SECURELY Below With PayPal:        Secure256Bit  


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